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1/29/2018 - January O-NEWS

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John. F. Kennedy

Many employers are experiencing challenges recruiting and retaining employees, a situation that will only get worse with increasing labour and skills shortages. Many are also realizing that investing in their leadership teams is one of the best solutions to retaining talent and growing high-performance teams. OTEC has seen this trend emerge over the past number of years and has created a leading edge program to provide leaders with the essential skills they need to be productive in supervising and managing their teams....

OTEC is proud to partner with The Discover Ability Network, an online portal for Ontario employers and persons with disabilities seeking employment.

92% of consumers favour companies that hire people with disabilities.

Businesses need talent, and there are plenty of people looking for work, including 50,000 students with disabilities in Ontario Colleges and Universities. The Discover Ability Network has been developed to connect people with disabilities seeking job opportunities and to promote the business case for this. ...

"It is essential that we prepare students, who are our future workforce, with the skills and knowledge they need to create the zero tolerance workplaces of the future," says Victoria Behune President & CEO, Ontario Tourism Education Corporation. "Centennial College is leading the way in understanding that this is an important issue and should be part of their students' toolkit as future hospitality leaders. OTEC is extremely proud to have developed this timely training program and to partner with Centennial College to make It's Your Shift available to its students."

This position is responsible for the coordination of marketing and social media activities to achieve sales goals, website updates and analytics. Preference will be given to those candidates with marketing experience in tourism businesses or destinations; tourism and hospitality workforce development services; business-to-business marketing for service sector skills training and development. 

In case you missed it, make sure to check out CBC's recent coverage on the new It's Your Shift anti-sexual harassment and violence training initiative.

Check it out at the 33:00 mark!

November 30, 2017  (8:30 a.m. @ Hyatt Regency Toronto Hotel)
Ontario is ready to train managers, supervisors, front of the house and back of the house employees in the hospitality and tourism sector to identify and intervene in instances of sexual violence and harassment among employees and patrons.  

1 in 4 Canadians has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace

25% who reported it found that management was unresponsive. It's time to shift the thinking around sexual harassment in the workplace. Together we will lead teams in shifting thoughts, attitudes and culture to foster zero tolerance in the workplace...

OTEC has always prided itself in the diversity of individuals we support. This diversity takes many forms and includes those students yet to enter the workforce, to those leaders managing and owning businesses. It also reflects the Indigenous from a wide range of Ontario communities to newcomers and refugees who now bring their talents and skills to our province

OTEC is pleased to announce this year’s Fall lineup of training workshops with more program choices than ever before.

Summer has begun and now it’s a time of celebration and reflection for OTEC and for Canadians alike. 

Developing an awareness and training program to prevent sexual violence

Cultivating a safe and supporting work environment

OTEC launches the pan-provincial ALiGN Network to address youth underemployment and labour shortages

Creating a positive and memorable first impression

How can you attract visitors to your destination?

Helping employers connect youth to jobs based on talent-to-role fit assessments

Learning how to lead

OTEC has officially turned 25 years old.

Sparking and Sustaining Change

Dr. Statia Elliot elected as newest Board member at OTEC AGM

The benefits of transforming new managers into exceptional leaders.

Celebrate Halloween with OTEC's potion to create a perfect leader.

Developing managers and supervisors into exceptional leaders.

Understanding the value of having a high quotient of Emotional Intelligence 

OTEC is pleased to announce three staff promotions and a new Vice President.

OTEC & ORHMA launch awareness and training program to stop sexual violence and harassment in Ontario's hospitality industry.

OTEC launches innovative three day leadership boot camp

OTEC is pleased to announce this year’s Fall lineup of training workshops with more program choices than ever before.

Experiencing Aboriginal Tourism

Celebrate the history of National Aboriginal Day and upcoming events in Ontario

The Ready-to-Work Program is recognized with the Employment Ontario Leadership Award in Collaboration

The importance of training and how your company can receive funding

How you can benefit from good reviews

OTEC continues to grow by welcoming three new members to the organization.

Does Social Media actually affect your business?

How to achieve next season's goals

Skills of effective leaders.

Strategies to address the looming skills crisis

OTEC is pleased to announce team changes to support the new organization direction.

Achieving your goals for the new year.

The benefits of strong in-house trainers.

Program prepares youth with the culinary and food service skills to set them up for career success. 

What determines an organization's success?

Building relationships, and empowering people with the skills they need to bring about change within their communities

How can you ensure your destination gains prominence?

OTEC is pleased to announce the election of two new members to our Board.

What are Tourism Ambassadors and do they impact visitor impressions?

The ninth edition of our Tourism Workforce Development Update centres around innovation and highlights new and ongoing partner projects, strategies and programs that use innovative solutions to maximize results.

OTEC's new online Tourism Excellence Ambassador program, designed to reinforce your brand and visitor experience goals.

Upcoming workshops at OTEC in Fall 2015. 

Toronto launches a NEW onine program to help local businesses and residents welcome visitors!

Partnering for Change

What's your effect on a visitor's experience?

Program connects youth with the tools and skills required to succeed in the Culinary and Food Services Industry 

Training in Canada falls behind

Most companies agree that training is a critical component of maintaining a healthy workforce...

The PanAm games are projected to bring more than 250,000 visitors to Ontario...

Canada is growing as an international travel destination. Is your business prepared to attract and serve this diverse market?

Achieving economic growth through community skills development

An innovative approach to help Canadians gain the skills and training they need to fill available jobs

Community Development through Capacity Building

How do you create that WOW visitor experience to become a destination of choice.

New Team Members And Promotions At OTEC

OTEC is pleased to announce two new Directors have been added to our board. 

Businesses can now receive grants from the government for up to 2/3 of training costs. OTEC can help you develop a training plan specific to your needs. 

OTEC and City of Toronto collaborating to benefit Toronto's tourism and hospitality industry

What's your formula for Achieving Ultimate Employee Engagement and Results 

In the eighth edition of our Tourism Workforce Development Update, we cover partner updates and provide some perspective on preparing Canadian youth for Ontario’s service industry.  

Ensure your team members have the knowledge and skills to outperform this season. . 

Introducing OTEC's NEW website. See what's new and fresh, and how we can help you stand out. 

Learn how OTEC works at the community level

Providing Industry Professionals with International Certifications 

Coaching your Team for Success

Supplying International Students with Essential Service Skills Training

How skills training will help to decrease unemployment and increase development within aboriginal communities

Employing skills training initiatives to address labour market trends

Blog Posting: The Perils of Service Inconsistency

The Cost of Poor Service Recovery

Web-based learning? eLearning? Online learning? What’s the difference and why are these evolving as popular training methods?

eLearning - cost-effective training to go

From Victoria Behune, President and CEO of OTEC
Dr. David Martin appointed to Chair of the OTEC Board

From Victoria Behune, President and CEO of OTEC
I am pleased to announce that Lora Flanagan has joined OTEC as its new Coordinator, Training & Certification.

As three-time Indianapolis 500 champion Bobby Unser once said, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” .

Our experience working with OTEC was a thoroughly enjoyable one. We were tremendously impressed by the professionalism of their approach and the quality of their work. American Express approached OTEC to develop a service training program for its partners in the restaurant industry... OTEC took the time and effort to research the needs of our audience and consulted with us every step of the way to produce an end product that we were proud to have our company name associated with.;

— Vice President of Public Affairs Communication and Quality Services,
American Express Canada

Tom Guerquin
Manager, Client and Partnership Development
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