OTEC produces monthly eNews letters communicating industry trends and issues in addition to our Workforce Development Updates which include up-to-date articles and information on OTEC Partnerships and initiatives, training products, success stories and much more.

July O-News: Intelligence for Youth Workplace Success

In our first of a series of how OTEC brings “Intelligence to the Workplace” we focus on the diversity of our youth- the next generation of workers.

June O-News: Time To Celebrate

 For the past 25 years, OTEC has delivered many initiatives nationally that develop and strengthen the skills of employees and communities. 

March O-News: Preventing Sexual Violence and Harassment in the Hospitality Industry

Developing an awareness and training program to prevent sexual violence

February O-News: Creating Memorable Destination Experiences

Creating a positive and memorable first impression

January O-News: Embracing Technology to Connect Youth to Jobs

Helping employers connect youth to jobs based on talent-to-role fit assessments

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