The Canada-Ontario Job Grant –tried, tested and approved.

In a recent survey of over 800 businesses across Canada, 56% stated that they face immediate labour and/or skills shortages. 50% of respondents also noted that their workforce training budget will increase in the next three years.

In 2014, the Canadian federal and provincial governments partnered to tackle this issue through government funded support. The Canada Ontario Job Grant was created to subsidize workforce development training focused on skills development and/or career advancement, covering up to 2/3 of eligible third party training costs.

The six-year Canada Ontario Job Grant program provides up to 66% of eligible training costs in grant funding to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee.  This is a scalable program that businesses can apply for throughout the year for any employees interested in training to support career advancement and skills development.   Eligible trainers include third party training programs within Canada provided by a product vendor (such as OTEC), university, public college, registered private career college, or school board.

While there has never been a better time to apply for COJG funding, OTEC has found that there is still a misunderstanding by many clients.

Here are some examples:

Myth #1:
My company is too small.  Programs like this only benefit large companies.
The size of the company is not a criteria for eligibility.  Rather, the company (large or small) must follow the application process and apply on behalf of the trainees.  Trainees can’t apply directly for funding.    

Myth #2:
I don’t have the time to apply and it’s probably very confusing.
Given the financial benefit for the organization’s training needs, the application is most definitely worth it and less confusing than you might think.  Application turnaround time is approximately 1 month and sometimes less!
Myth #3:
I doubt my application would even get approved.
The experience OTEC has with clients is that the process is very straight-forward.  OTEC puts the employer in touch with the employment services provider (ESP) in their area and the ESP works directly with the employer to complete and submit the application.  The benefit of this application process is that it is simple, easy and (relatively) quick.
Our advice to any company:  Don't Wait! 
OTEC can assist you in realizing your training and business goals. For more information on the Canada-Ontario Job Grant visit

Boyana is OTEC’s Manager of Client Relationships.  She manages various corporate marketing projects and provides support to new business development opportunities.  Boyana's  passion is to make things happen and to effect change. A staunch coffee-holic, Boyana loves spending time with friends and family. Words not in her vocabulary:  diet and yoga


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