Five Ways to Make Your Destination Memorable

  1. Develop Your Own Brand

Every destination is unique in its own way. No matter what part of the country, or world you are located in, every destination has something completely unique offer. When conveying your brand, it is important to really understand the travellers coming to your destination and the reasons for their travel. It is then important to match the service levels, products, and experiences to that visitor and bring your destination brand alive. By knowing who your travellers are, you can match their needs and wants to the products, services and experiences that are appealing while bringing your destination brand to life for every visitor.

  1. Utilize the Power of Social Media

With a shift in how destinations need to market themselves, tighter budgets and the increasingly importance of understanding social trends, many organizations are investing in social media. Promoting your destination online and connecting with a wider audience will complement your destination branding and marketing efforts by showcasing what you have to offer. From a customer service perspective, you will be able to better track and manage what visitors say about your destination. Did you know that 42% of people will share their positive experiences online and 81% of shoppers will research online before buying? It’s time your destination starts getting #social.

  1. Prepare for International Visitors

Canada is growing as a popular international destination. Visitors are arriving from many different countries and there is always the challenge of adapting to cultural differences. Culture is made up of the norms, values and ways of life for a particular society. Are you prepared to cater to an international visitor market? It is important that any team is ready to effectively engage and provide the right service to a diverse range of guests. Creating an action plan and training your teams on understanding International visitors is a great first place to start.

  1. Partner with Local Businesses

Local businesses, events and attractions are key components to a destination’s brand experience. Ensuring that the service levels and product experiences are in alignment with the destination branding is crucial to tourism success. Creating consistency in service and experiences will benefit the entire community and have direct impact on the local economy.

  1. Recruit Destination Ambassadors

Once you understand all the elements of having a successful brand, activated social media, trained staff to understand the unique needs of International visitors and helped local businesses in delivering consistent service– the final step is recruiting Ambassadors. Destination Ambassadors are the champions and personality of any destination. If frontline teams lack the product knowledge and service skills needed to support your brand, a destination will fail to meet its tourism goals. Visitors notice the difference and will use social media to tell other potential visitors about their experience. Destinations that invest in developing Ambassadors are more likely to receive positive reviews, exceed visitor expectations and have repeat customers. Whether an individual works in the industry or is a local resident, Ambassadors have the power to leave lasting impressions and create truly unique and memorable experiences for guests.

Is your destination following these five tips? If you want to showcase your destination’s unique offerings, check out our Destination Development programs and see how OTEC can assist you to make memorable experiences.

Victoria Behune is OTEC's President & CEO. She is a lifelong Tourism Ambassador and marketing expert who has worked with several high profile tourism destinations.

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