The Emerging Leadership Journey

Understanding the functional differences between leading and managing helps you access the gaps between where you are now, and where you need to be in your organization as a leader. This process serves to create the foundation for your own measurable leadership growth and development.

When analyzing your strengths, we use the image of a bike. To move forward efficiently and effectively requires a balanced approach. The front wheel of the bike is used to steer and direct requiring people skills. The back wheel drives and powers forward movement requiring process skills. Many supervisors, or managers, are task driven, focused on process. To mobilize a department or an organization in the right direction to achieve the vision, requires steering or people skills.

No matter age, demographics, culture, or the industry you represent be it finance, health care, technology, education, tourism, hospitality or as an entrepreneur, our experience at OTEC has shown time and again, at the core of every leadership journey lies self-knowledge (or emotional intelligence), integrity and trust. It’s a personal journey and a process that will renew creativity and vision for yourself, your team, your department and your organization. OTEC’s LX Leadership Xelerator Series can help navigate you or your team through this journey and ultimately, assist in achieving the goals you want to achieve.

Managing and leading are not mutually exclusive. You cannot have one without the other. For new managers, it is just as important to know how to lead people as it is to understand all of the processes. Do you have the mindset of a leader? What steps can you take to better lead your team?


Sherry Sibio is the VP of OTEC Client Solutions. Through a consulting and training process, Sherry loves helping customers' dreams become a reality and bringing their stories to life. Sherry can be reached at:

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