An Experience with Front line Excellence

My unique experience with the product began when I purchased three certificates for facials and booked my first of the three appointments. Prior to the date of my first scheduled appointment, my appointment was cancelled by the service provider and rescheduled for a later date. Then a couple days before the rescheduled appointment, I was left a voice mail cancelling my rescheduled appointment and was informed someone would get back to me to re-reschedule.  I waited. No call came.

After weeks of trying, I finally connected with a Department Manager who assured me she would follow-up about another appointment. When that didn’t happen, I connected again and was assured she would contact me for an appointment and that the counter was closing in a couple of months. Of course I was anxious to get my first of three appointments done while the service was available. That was about 10 months ago! I have still had no communication, apology for the inconvenience, no attempt to make this right for me, and no attempt to book my three appointments for facials.

This not only happened to me but to a colleague who also had the misfortune to purchase similar gift certificates.  As customer service oriented professionals I was dismayed by what happened to us.

Out of frustration, and because I now knew the counter was closing with no one attempting to provide me with an alternative solution, I decided to drop in at  another location and see what they could do for me. The service provider there listened and promised to check into things on my behalf. Unfortunately, I don’t think she got any response or direction from management either, nor did anyone assist her in resolving my situation. Now this is where a customer-centric employee can save it for a company… fortunately, she believed me and provided me with the services I purchased, even though the records remained at another store. This pleasant and client-focused service clerk provided me with a complimentary facial to ensure I liked her, and then booked my three facials. She also gave me a gift for my inconvenience and for sticking with the brand and that department store. She did everything in her power to make me feel valued.  As someone with a VIP card, I was angered by the lack of communication by management and also the skin care company management. The fact they would just leave their customers hanging when they decided to close a counter at one of the stores, when clients have pre-paid for services, demonstrates a lack of policies, processes and leadership. If it wasn’t for this service professional who went above and beyond to correct the mistakes of her bosses, I would not be back, and I would not be continuing with that product.

Although the organization and management set the stage for an individual’s service experience, it is the front-line service provider who ultimately provides the excellent customer service. It is they who interact with the customer and they who have the ability to create memorable service experiences resulting in customer loyalty. To train and empower your front-line staff with the skills and tools to consistently provide similar unforgettable service experiences check-out OTEC’s Service Excellence Workshop.
- Victoria Behune

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