Become a Tourism Ambassador and Create Memorable Experiences

Even if you don’t like sports, or only watch them on TV every four years for the Olympics, never before will such a close–to-home event touch the lives of so many Torontonians and Ontarians for the months of July and August 2015.

7,600 top athletes from the Americas and Caribbean
5,300 square km of competition space
16 municipalities
30 venues

Because of this, everyone in the GTA and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to become a Tourism Ambassador for the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.  OTEC understands the importance of Tourism Ambassadors and has helped develop many Ambassadors in multiple destinations.  Part of being an ambassador means that you are a proud promoter, supporter and advocate of whatever your cause is.  Join the ranks of Taylor Swift and Jackie Chan.  What does that famous pop star and action-superstar have in common?  Both are official Tourism Ambassadors. For Taylor and Jackie, their cause is destination endorsement. How?

  • Both are lending their faces, or their superstar statuses, to endorse their city and country of choice.
  • Both want you to know that these destinations are superstar-worthy even though you don`t have to be a superstar to live there.  You can just visit.  Or stay for an extended period of time and get to know the person, place or thing that makes it so special.

Can you match these Tourism Ambassadors to their place?

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield                    Ireland
Singer Taylor Swift                                             New York
Actor Jackie Chan                                              Indonesia
Icon Godzilla                                                       Tokyo
Designer Jimmy Choo                                        Malaysia
Cartoon Hello Kitty                                             Japan

Now, simply liking a place and telling a lot of people, doesn't necessarily qualify you as a Tourism Ambassador.  More and more destinations are embracing formal Tourism Ambassador Certification training programs (like the one OTEC delivers) for their front-line service providers.  These types of Tourism Ambassador Programs aim to enhance tourist experiences and improve tourism businesses and hospitality services. The program prepares Ambassadors with regional knowledge and ensures they have the know-how to provide memorable service experiences.
OTEC's 60-minute online Tourism Excellence Ambassador training program provides a good foundation to these service providers and prepares them with regional tourism knowledge, customer service training and a competency quiz at the end of the 3 modules.  Check out The Tourism Partnership of Niagara website and click on `Become a Niagara Ambassador`, for a sample of a program developed by OTEC.  
If you’re not yet lucky enough to work for a destination that makes Ambassador Training available, tell them how and where to find it (click on OTEC Tourism Ambassador).  You’ll soon be in good company along with Taylor Swift and Hello Kitty.  So, when you’re watching the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games this summer, remember, by delivering a positive experience to a tourist, you can create a lasting impression.


Boyana is OTEC’s Manager of Client Relationships.  She manages various corporate marketing projects and provides support to new business development opportunities.  Boyana's  passion is to make things happen and to effect change. A staunch coffee-holic, Boyana loves spending time with friends and family. Words not in her vocabulary:  diet and yoga


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