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Even my own TIFF experience didn’t get off to a stellar start this year.  After years of taking in the festival’s most obscure (some people say “bold”) films, I finally managed to score tickets for four of us to one of the big world premieres with all of the associated red carpet buzz. As one does when they get their hands on hot TIFF tickets, I was just finishing telling some friends about how “I am kind of a big deal” when I got an email saying that a computer glitch had resulted in our film being oversold and we had no seats. Cue the outrage.

I called TIFF and after I had calmed down enough to actually listen to what the folks at customer service were offering me, I picked another big premier from a block of seats being held for us.

It was Nightcrawler by the way, with Jake Gyllenhaal. A good movie, but I’ll spare you a review

We had a great night out on the opening Friday of the festival, forgetting most of our frustrations over the mix up.
At the end of opening weekend, we got word that TIFF would be hosting a special event at the end of the festival for those of us affected by the computer glitch. This was a nice touch because we had already been looked after and ended up having a great time.

So last night, we were treated to a private cocktail reception at the Bell Lightbox Theatre and a screening of this year’s People’s Choice Award winner, The Imitation Game, with Benedict Cumberbatch.. .
a great film, by the way, that will probably see a lot of Oscar nominations.

TIFF’s Artistic Director, Cameron Bailey even said a few words before the show.

This is an example of pros in action. The Toronto International Film Festival attracts some 30,000 visitors to Toronto with an estimated $189 Million in economic impact. It is noticeably bigger and higher profile with every passing year, but despite the hype, the scale, and the demand for tickets, TIFF is still taking the time to invest in customer and patron loyalty. Going above and beyond for customers and guests with real consistency can be tough in the real world. Inevitably, any business will at some point find themselves short staffed, under resourced or dealing with circumstances beyond their control. These are the times when the pros really show up. It is in these moments of truth that we can turn a challenging situation, and a ticked-off customer, into an ambassador. 

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Adam Morrison is OTEC's Director of Project Development. In his role at OTEC Adam works closely with a variety of sectors in workforce development and capacity building. In his spare time he enjoys exploring local festivals, renovating his home or relaxing by the lake. 

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