OTEC has partnerships with major associations in the province of Ontario, specialized companies, numerous Destination Marketing Organizations, Chambers of Commerce and BIA’s.

Our vast network of partners allows us to promote and deliver programs and services that support tourism, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, police, financial services, employment and other sectors. Our partners include: Industry, Community Development, Government Agencies & Education.

OTEC is a partner with the Tourism H.R. Canada (THRC), the national sector council representing labour and human resource development issues for the tourism and hospitality industry across Canada. OTEC participates in the development and administration of national programs on behalf of the Council within the Province of Ontario. There is an equivalent body to OTEC in all provinces and territories across Canada – click here to view the provincial THRC affiliates.

For more information on OTEC’s workforce developments projects contact:

Adam Morrison
President & CEO, OTEC
416.622.1975 ext. 236