Professionally trained service providers can stimulate excitement and demand for everything your region has to offer!

For over the past 20 years, OTEC has specialized in developing destination-based training, quality standards and workforce development strategies that will help the businesses in your region build strong, long-term relationships with their visitors.

Tourism Excellence Ambassador Program

Develop your front-line service team into destination and travel ambassadors

Support your destination’s efforts to increase visitor engagement and create memorable experiences by developing your front-line service teams into destination and tourism Ambassadors. Customized for your unique needs, this program will inspire front-line employees and volunteers to turn every visitor encounter into a positive lasting impression.

Tourism Excellence Ambassador Program

Service Excellence Series Training

Excellent and consistent customer service is the foundation of any successful tourism or hospitality business. The Service Excellence Series of full and half-day customer service workshops focus on the critical role individuals play in building customer loyalty and creating positive service experiences.

Service Excellence Series

Leadership Excellence Series Training

Superior leadership and management skills are the foundation of any successful tourism or hospitality business. The Management Excellence Series of workshops focus on the vital role managers play in leading organizations to develop and perform successfully in the workplace.

Leadership Excellence Series

emerit Occupational Standards and Certifications

Thousands of successful tourism and hospitality professionals, working for some of the best companies in Canada and around the world, have improved their skills and knowledge and advanced their career with emerit.

emerit Occupational Standards

Quality Standards and Designation Programs

OTEC consultants help organizations and destinations develop their businesses to improve visitor experience and increase profits. As experts in the tourism and hospitality field, our consulting team can assist with the development of quality standards, as well as designation & recognition programs.

Quality Standards & Designation Programs

Brand Development Consulting

OTEC’s team of experienced marketing, brand, and program development professionals can assist your organization in developing your brand’s strategy for success. Branding is more than just creating a name and associating a persona with your organization. It is integrating your brand attitude and values though all organizational levels and every customer touch-point. OTEC can assist you in supporting established branding and marketing initiatives by further building your brand culture and reputation through other dimensions, including the “people-side” of the equation. Incorporating branded, customized training programs for your entire team, will ensure your team “live” your brand and that the branding is being supported through consistent experiences during all interactions.

OTEC has worked with leading brands from a variety of sectors, developing customized, branded training programs that enhance experiences and support the brand culture. Our portfolio includes destination development, event, and program marketing initiatives to support campaign awareness and communication activities and to ensure stakeholder engagement. 

Direction Ontario – OTEC worked with Direction to create their Bienvenue en Ontario brand and branded microsite and training program, Engaging the Francophone Visitor, to assist front line staff and tourism marketers to attract and service Francophone travelers.

Tourism Partnership of Niagara (TPN) – Working with TPN, OTEC developed a tourism ambassador program, The Niagara Ambassador Program, to build service pride and passion for the destination by teaching front-line service providers how to take guests’ experiences to the next level.

International Language Institute of Canada (ILAC) – OTEC worked with ILAC to develop tailored training to embody and reinforce their strong, internationally renowned brand within their organization.

Reinforcing your brand through branded training programs and communication activities ensures your brand is part of your culture and all client interactions. OTEC has the experience to show you how!

Workforce Development Strategy Consulting

OTEC’s workforce development consulting and strategic planning services can help your organization or community navigate a changing market and competitive landscape to better leverage strengths and align available assets.

Workforce Consulting & Strategy

Visitor Services Training

Prepare any organization to host visitors by giving them the essential tools, knowledge and skills to create unique experiences and achieve business success.

Building the Visitor Experience

Preparing Your Business for International Visitors P

Sales Excellence for VIC's

Destinations that offer Ambassador training programs have front-line employees and volunteers that play a critical role in creating quality visitor experiences. The result is that visitors who have positive experiences spend more, share their positive perceptions, and are more likely to return in the future.

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OTEC has developed a custom designed Tourism Ambassador program for major Canadian Tourism destinations

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