Academic Solutions Overview

OTEC's Academic Programs provide public and private sector educators with flexible, cost-effective and innovative curricula based on frameworks that articulate from secondary school to post-secondary and post-graduate levels.

High school teachers, post-secondary instructors and even corporate trainers in continuing education are able to deliver OTEC Academic Programs. In addition to obtaining quality curricula that is developed and validated by industry, OTEC’s education partners receive access to National Occupational Standards, dual credentialing opportunities for their students, and, tools, resources and learning management systems to support and track their students’ success.

Learn more about OTEC’s range of Academic Programs to help prepare students and transitioning adults for careers in the tourism, hospitality and service sectors in this section of our website.

High Schools

OTEC works with the Ontario Ministry of Education and hundreds of high schools and school boards to integrate OTEC’s flagship customer service program, Service Excellence, and emerit occupational standards into provincial curricula.

High school programs such as the Ontario Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) program and Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism (CATT) schools are supported by OTEC with career awareness resources, certification opportunities, and co-op models that provide credit toward national credentialing.

OTEC provides a range of training programs tailored to high school student skill development. To learn more click on the programs below.

Training for Students

Service Excellence for High Schools

This program provides students with the skills and tools to create memorable service experiences resulting in customer loyalty and successful customer centric organizations.

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Service Excellence for Diverse Cultures

This program provides students with the tools that will further enhance customer service skills and confidence when providing service to customers from diverse cultures.

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Service Excellence for Health & Wellness

Excellent and consistent service is the key to achieving high quality healthcare experiences. This workshop focuses on the important role of building patient loyalty, creating a positive first impression and contributing to a patient-centred service culture.

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emerit Workplace Essentials

emerit Workplace Essentials gives students the foundation to build a career filled with endless opportunities, in any occupation. While the learning material in Workplace Essentials is applicable to any industry it also includes additional information geared specifically towards the tourism sector.

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emerit Professional Certifications

emerit training and professional certification can be integrated into existing programs (SHSM, Co-op, etc.) at the secondary school level. Students can log their co-op work experience towards the required work history component to achieve professional certification for the tourism and hospitality occupation of their choice.

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Professional Development for Teachers

OTEC's Management Level Workshops provide a great opportunity for professional development for Principals, School Board administration staff and teachers. Click on one of the workshops below to learn more.
Building a Culture of Service Excellence

This program provides teachers with the tools to influence students to have a customer centric attitude utilizing the most up to date customer service strategies for building and sustaining a culture of service excellence.

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Maximizing Diverse Teams

This half day program provides teachers with tools to attract and retain diverse learners.

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Coaching for Excellence

This program provides teachers and administrators with the skills and tools to coach their students, motivate their team, and manage performance.

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Engaging Generation Y

This program provides the knowledge, skills, and tools to manage the performance and motivation of Generation Y students.

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Colleges & Universities

For the past 20 years, OTEC has been working with industry and instructors to develop qualifications frameworks, articulation agreements and curriculum mapping projects designed to facilitate more efficient integration models across the province, and, a more effective workforce.

Customer Service Skills

Designed specifically for post-secondary academic institutions, this course focuses on both the organizational theory and the practical skills required in a customer service organization.

Customer Service Skills is a 30-hour course designed specifically for post-secondary students. It provides students with advanced knowledge, skills and abilities for working in customer-centric positions. Customer Service Skills focuses on both the organizational theory that defines service cycle management and the practical skills required in a customer service organization.

Customer Service Skills


emerit National Occupational Standards

Educators can use National Occupational Standards to ensure curriculum mirrors Industry Standards.

National Occupational Standards are manuals listing the skills and knowledge required to be successful in an occupation, and are available for a wide range of tourism and hospitality professions. Developed and validated by industry experts, National Occupational Standards represent what real employers look for in new hires, and reflect actual workplace conditions and current issues affecting the occupation. Educators can use National Occupational Standards to ensure curriculum mirrors Industry Standards.

emerit Occupational Standards & Certifications


emerit Certifications

Educators can utilize the National emerit Learning Management System to support Co-op programming and track students’ work experience.

OTEC is the exclusive Ontario distributor of emerit Professional Certification programs which are based on National Occupational Standards developed and maintained by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC). The standards are developed in consultation with key tourism industry stakeholders from across Canada.

Educators can incorporate emerit Certification specific to the occupation and focus of study of the course, enabling students to achieve a nationally recognized industry certificate as part of their certificate and diploma programs.

emerit Occupational Standards & Certifications


Curriculum Development, Standards Mapping and Consulting Support

OTEC provides consulting support to assist instructors, course coordinators and academic departments with mapping the emerit National Occupational Standards to existing course curricula.

By completing a Standards Mapping process, OTEC is able to assist academic programs with identifying gaps in the skills and knowledge covered in existing courses to determine areas where supplemental course content is required to effectively prepare students with the required skills and knowledge to successfully complete the emerit Certification Exam.

International Programs

OTEC offers a number of programs that can assist international students with integrating into the Canadian workplace.

Navigating the Canadian workplace can be challenging for both international students and internationally-trained individuals who are seeking employment. Based on the emerit Canadian Workplace Essentials curriculum, OTEC can assist international programs with added-value course content to outline the expectations of the Canadian workplace to international students. Similarly, OTEC provides curriculum development support to bridging programs for internationally-trained individuals in a variety of different sectors.

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