Knowledge of essential workplace skills, attitudes and culture are the building blocks for success in any career.

OTEC’s employability skills training programs consist of multi-day workshops focusing on developing the critical knowledge and skills necessary for success in any Canadian occupation.

Foundational Skills Training

emerit Workplace Essentials

This program, created by industry representatives from across Canada, develops the transferable skills employers have deemed critical for success in any workplace. 

Workplace Culture and Communications Training

emerit Canadian Workplace Essentials

This training program provides participants with an understanding of Canadian workplace norms and expectations and the values and attitudes Canadian employers are looking for. 

Business Communications for Managers

This program provides managers with the tools to create a framework for standardizing messages to ensure the delivery of effective, professional verbal and written communication skills.

Train your team with help from the government. As a government approved Canada-Ontario Job Grant supplier, OTEC can help you develop and deliver a training plan specific to your unique needs.

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