LX Leadership Foundations Boot Camp

Get your troops ready! OTEC’s NEW 2-Day LX - Leadership Xelerator Foundations Boot Camp focuses on the vital role managers and supervisors play in leading teams to develop and perform successfully in the workplace. 

Evolve, strengthen and inspire new leaders in only three days. This intensive "boot camp style" leadership development experience is designed to provide new and existing leaders with the latest theories, practices and tools to develop their leadership skills utilizing the most up-to-date leadership strategies.

 Day 1
• Communication and Emotional Intelligence

• Leading for Excellence

 Day 2

• Coaching for Excellence
• Team Building & Training Excellence


"The LX Boot Camp provided a ton of great and useful insight that I can't wait to take back to my business! As a "new" leader, it has given me new confidence and strategies to not only improve myself, but to develop my team and ultimately enhance my business. Thank you for a great 2 days." - Owner, J2N Design.

"The program was a reminder that I need to be aware of my emotional and communication style at all times; and similiarily, have other styles of communication in mind at all times." - Participant, LX Leadership Boot Camp.

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