About the ALiGN Network


OTEC is committed to providing innovative solutions to offset labour shortages across Canada.

The ALiGN Network, led by OTEC with industry partners from across Ontario, is a new youth-targeted employment model designed to match youth with active job postings, based on their own unique personality attributes and interests. Psychometric-based, this talent-to role fit assessment and job matching system is a first of a kind program and sets the benchmark for a new approach to workforce development models.

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Get matched to the right job for you! You will be referred to industry-designed training and certification programs delivered at regional training partners or fast tracked to employment.

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Connect with pre-screened and qualified candidates! You will be matched with candidates who have been assessed and trained and who are ready to be hired.

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Join the ALiGN Network,
an exclusive network of
regional employers and
training partners delivering
the most innovative workforce
development model in Canada!

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For more information on the ALiGN Network contact: 

Emmanuel Rey
Manager, Workforce Development & Partnerships
416.622.1975 ext. 210