About Project Integrate

OTEC and a coalition of partners working with Canada’s Future Skills Centre – Centre des Competences future are testing an innovative, evidence-based approach to skills development for the new economy.

The Project Integrate initiative will study the potential impact and feasibility of a single technology enabled employment and training pathway including employment service provider networks across Canada. Incorporating three phases in the employment pathway for job seekers: Engagement, Systems Navigation and Career Laddering, the initiative aims to explore the interrelationships between job seekers and organizational and systems level factors through the use of technology.


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For more information on Project Integrate please contact: 

Melwyn DCosta
Manager, Workforce Strategy Projects, OTEC
p. (416) 622-1975 ex. 246 e. mdcosta@​otec.​org

Christopher Espana
Assistant Project Manager, Project Integrate
p. (416) 622-1975 ext. 250 e. cespana@​otec.​org